Faces of the Market Revisited

Cleveland’s Westside Market, one of the city’s treasures, suffered a fire about a week ago and has been closed for cleanup and repair since then.  It is scheduled to reopen later this week pending the completion of the cleanup and inspection.  In January 2012, two friends and I spent a day there shooting photos.  My post on January 13, 2012, Faces of the Market, included photos of some of the market’s vendors and booths.  I also shot many of the market’s shoppers and today I’ll post photos of some of them.






The market is a model of diversity, both in terms of food variety, ethnic choices and shoppers.

About Kolman Rosenberg

My interest in photography began as a college newspaper and yearbook photographer during the stormy 1960s and 1970s. I was influenced by many of the great photojournalists and documentary photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, Margaret Bourke-White and other black and white photographers of Life Magazine and the earlier Farm Security Administration. Though many of these photographers documented the horrors of war and the plight of poverty, they also showed me the dignity and adaptability of human beings in their desire to prevail.
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2 Responses to Faces of the Market Revisited

  1. Patricia, Wellington Ohio says:

    I have fond memories of working at the West Side Market about 20 years ago. You captured some of the charm of the market well. It is as much about the people as is about the food.
    I remember eating at a Middle Eastern restaurant a few doors down from the market. The food there was outstanding. We haven’t been there in years. We need to get back there before too much more time passes. Thank you for the inspiration.


    • That’s interesting Patricia! It would be an interesting place to work for someone who loves watching people, like I do!
      You and your husband will have to make a trip up there for a nice day trip! I would imagine some things have changed but much has not! It will bring back great memories for you!
      Thanks for your comment!


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