The Picture Within the Picture

Preparing to Throw

Preparing to throw

Everyone occasionally, or sometimes more often, takes a photo that they immediately want to delete from their camera’s memory card.  I seldom delete photos, and when I do, I wait until I see the photo at home, on the computer screen.  The reason?  Sometimes I can make something out of an otherwise bad photo.  This posted photo is but a small section of a much larger action photo in which I cut the head off of the player who was fielding the ball and making the throw to first base for the out.  Not uncommon while trying to follow the action with a long focal length lens.  In the process of downloading and reviewing my digital images, I always consider the “Picture Within the Picture” and look for interesting close-up portions of my photos before considering deleting them.  I find this works with good photos as well, sometimes the cropped close-up section is even better!

As I mentioned in some of the earlier posts, move in close, or crop in for more interesting photos.  Nobody wants to see a lot of background (except for those Grand Canyon landscape photos).  The interest is in the details, so try to shoot tight in the first place and then look for those tight details in all of your photos.  You’ll be surprised with the “Picture Within the Picture” that you might find!

About Kolman Rosenberg

My interest in photography began as a college newspaper and yearbook photographer during the stormy 1960s and 1970s. I was influenced by many of the great photojournalists and documentary photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, Margaret Bourke-White and other black and white photographers of Life Magazine and the earlier Farm Security Administration. Though many of these photographers documented the horrors of war and the plight of poverty, they also showed me the dignity and adaptability of human beings in their desire to prevail.
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