It’s Not Spring Yet – Mother Nature’s Reminder

As we were beginning to think we had turned the weather corner into spring, yesterday Mother Nature issued a reminder that, “no indeed, it’s still winter!”  When I awoke yesterday morning and looked outside, there was a new coating of very freshly fallen snow, clinging to everything and still coming down.  It was quite beautiful!  I decided to jump into my clothing and spend the morning shooting while making my way across town to teach a photography class in the afternoon.  My first inclination is to go thru the Metroparks looking for snow covered landscapes and when I came the the often photographed Squires Castle I saw it as I had never photographed it before.

Squires Castle in Winter Garb

Squires Castle in Winter Garb

It was decked out in winter garb as were its surroundings.  I was particularly taken by the  snow-covered trees climbing the hill out of the river valley,  just behind it!

On my way to the park, just about a half mile from the castle, I turned a corner and saw this red barn, sitting behind a home.

Red Barn in the Snow

Red Barn in the Snow 

I understand that this barn was just cleaned up and renovated and a friend of mine shot it not too long ago, surrounded by brush and trees and in a state of dis-repair.  It looked like it had been turned into a residence and in fact I took the liberties of removing a few features in order to return it to its barn status.  It was snowing hard at the time and this photo looks like it could have come from a Christmas card.  I really like the snow highlighted wagon wheels leaning against the foundation!  Sometimes it’s just the little things that make a photo memorable!



About Kolman Rosenberg

My interest in photography began as a college newspaper and yearbook photographer during the stormy 1960s and 1970s. I was influenced by many of the great photojournalists and documentary photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Gordon Parks, Margaret Bourke-White and other black and white photographers of Life Magazine and the earlier Farm Security Administration. Though many of these photographers documented the horrors of war and the plight of poverty, they also showed me the dignity and adaptability of human beings in their desire to prevail.
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14 Responses to It’s Not Spring Yet – Mother Nature’s Reminder

  1. Squires Castle — what a beautiful, ethereal scene! It looks like something out of Hansel and Gretel.


  2. Dave Brooks says:

    What a beautiful shot of Squires, Kolman!! Very nicely done!!


  3. SallyK says:

    Two beautiful photos!


  4. Patricia, Wellington Ohio says:

    That red just pops. Another instance of being in the right place at the right time with a camera waiting to be put to use. I would have liked to see the barn photo before you tweaked it too. No snow here in Wellington.


    • Thanks Patricia! People always recommend having someone in a red or bright yellow jacket in your photos to make them pop. In this case I was fortunate to have a barn! I took the liberties of removing a door and window which destroyed the barn look for me but the owners I’m sure appreciate having!


  5. Bob says:

    Both shots are beautiful. I really like the way you used the pines in the top shot to frame the image. Great work…as usual.


    • Thanks Bob! I usually make an effort to shoot things that others shoot from a very different perspective. I’m sure I’m not the first to see this shot of Squires Castle, but it’s not one I’ve seen before!


  6. Rose says:

    Wow! I live in Mentor and have never taken a ride out to Squires Castle when there is snow. Have now added this endeavor to my Bucket List. Beautiful photo!!!!


    • Hello Rosemarie, thank you for commenting on my blog, I hope you enjoy seeing and reading it!
      I’ve been out to Squires Castle in snowy weather before but it never looked this beautiful to me. On this day the way the snow was laying on the trees in the foreground and particularly the background was just magical looking!
      Thanks again for commenting!


  7. Nancy Aikins says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for posting.


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